Pink Bridal Boudoir_CDO Boudoir Photographer

I have always been fascinated with boudoir photography. So I researched on what is boudoir photography? Well, it is basically tasteful photos that have a hint at sexiness. The sessions are usually done either in a clients home (so they can feel comfortable) or in a sumptuous hotel room . . . that is until now anyway!

In my first attempt on boudoir photography, I decided to try an outdoor boudoir because I love the afternoon light. Aside from the beautiful afternoon light, the grass is green, you get the idea. A super sweet friend of mine recently mentioned she was interested in doing a “Hello Kitty” boudoir shoot before the inevitable happens (I won’t mention it now, but there are more shoots to come from her). The timing couldn’t have been better!

Now, not only was I looking to do an outdoor session I also wanted it to be more of a styled sexy bridal boudoir session. Since my friend is a stylist herself and a makeup artist, mixing and matching what we already had in our closets was a breeze. Plus, I get to show of my beautiful corset that I used on My wedding day that my friend is wearing for this shoot. For a pop of color, we added pink flowers, headbands, old crates and typewriter for props.

I must admit that I didn’t know exactly what to expect from this session but I am more than overjoyed. Beside, Ana, is absolutely stunning, sexy and svelte, she made it so easy for me to photograph her. It;s ok, you can admit it . . . she is breathtaking.

I would like to share a sneak peek of Ana’s session, it seems that many women are interested in a similar type session. If you are one of them, please contact me to discuss different styling options. I have so many great ideas for styled boudoir sessions and I can’t wait to collaborate and make your session absolutely perfect for you. Also, remember that there are only so many hot nights left this year. Using my knowledge of lighting, angles, editing, etc. you will look and feel like a million bucks! You won’t regret it and will have great images to cherish forever.