Julianna Dean’s Cake Smash Session

If you are on Pinterest, then you probably know what a cake smash session is. They’re the new hip thing, or perhaps they’re not all that new, and I covered my first ever cake smash session with CSP Baby Julianna Dean. I refer to Julianna as CSP baby because I took her newborn photos and I took her mom’s maternity photos too.

So how does a cake smash session work? You get a little 6″ or smaller cake on your baby’s first birthday, put it in front of them and let them go to town while a photographer snaps away at the carnage. When Julianna’s mom Dianne told me she wanted a cake smash session for her baby girl, I was fantasizing about the photo shoot for a week and it finally happened. I was worried I had my hopes WAY too high but I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

By the way, I want to salute Dianne (Julianna’s mom) for being so hands-on and preparing all the props for the cake smash session. Did I mention she baked the cake herself? Yes she did!

Cake Smash 1



Cake Smash 2


Cake Smash 3

Cake Smash 8



Cake Smash 4

Cake Smash 5


Cake Smash 7





And of course the whole set up wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Julianna’s wacky family, like her Tita Big Fat Butt?