Julianna Dean CDO Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is probably the most challenging yet beautiful genre in photography. Photographing newborns is such a delight despite the unpredictable behavior of newborns. Every newborn session is unique and special than the last. Its been so long since I posted images of newborns in my blog so enough with the wait… The latest angel I got the oppurtunity to photograpg is Julianne Dean. Check out images of her mom’s maternity session.

This little bundle of joy here was a bit of a challenge. She wasn’t used to noises and she likes to be danced to sleep all the time, so it was quite a challenge whenever we put her down on a basket or the baby mat to pose her. But luckily I was able to snap a few good images. Here are some images from Julianna Dean’s newborn session.

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