Aiden’s Afternoon Tea Party | CDO Lifestyle Photographer

I absolutely love styled photo sessions especially when the concept is made up of teacups, teapots, flowers, churros and all the frilly little pastel cloths you can get your hands on. This tea party concept shoot has been on my MUST-SHOOT-LIST for a long time now and I am so happy it came all together during Aiden’s Baby Session.

Baby sessions are probably the hardest photo sessions I have ever done. Aside from the unpredictable mood your subject can get here and there, you rarely get a shot where your subject is facing the camera. I mean, who can direct a 1 year old baby girl to look at the camera and just smile, right? Well, some shoots are better than others. But I can tell you now, this baby session is one of the best baby shoot I did so far. You just can’t get wrong with such amazing set shoot styling by Kevin Abdala Style and Creative.

Set Design | Kevin Abdala Style and Creatives


Aiden Tea Party 11


Aiden Tea Party 2


Aiden Tea Party 7


Aiden Tea Party 6


Aiden Tea Party 1


Aiden Tea Party 3


Aiden Tea Party 5


Aiden Tea Party 8


Aiden Tea Party 4

Aiden Tea Party 10